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Sandy Bell's Man

  • (Stuart MacGregor)

    My father's name was Harry
    My mother's name was Anne
    Come sit beside me come dry all my tears
    I've been wronged by a Sandy Bell's Man

    The month it was May and the lilac smelt sweet
    I was strolling one evening round town
    When I met a young maid over Morningside way
    And she sobbed as she hung her head down
    I see by your scarf of the scarlet and gold
    An Edinburgh medic are you
    Come sit beside me come hear my sad tale
    It concerns a young medic like you

    When I was sixteen I was spotless and clean
    I had never tasted a drop
    I met a young medic whose name it was Derek
    He took me into that bad shop
    And there o' the nips o' the whisky and gin
    I verily drank my fill
    My father he shot himself over my shame
    And my mother he likewise did kill

    One morning in haste to my lover I raced
    And to him these same words I did say
    My darling I think that next summer or spring
    An arrival is coming our way
    The whites of his eyes grew wide with surprise
    As the eyes of a young father will
    But when I called round at his digs the next day
    He had caught the first plane for Brazil

    So come all ye virgins of Edinburgh city
    Although ye be ever so few
    Come sit beside me come hear my sad tale
    It concerns young maidens like you
    Beware take warning before ye be burned
    Fatal not yet is the hour
    The next time a medico glances your way
    Be content with a hot and cold shower

    (as sung by Liz & Maggie Cruickshank)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1965:] Sandy's [Sandy Bell's, the Forrest Hill Bar in Edinburgh] first theme song was my own version of the D-Day Dodgers, but it soon acquired songs of its own - for example, Old Bell's Bar and I've been wronged by a Sandy Bell's man, written by Stuart MacGregor (founder of the University Folk-song Society). Both these songs have crossed the Atlantic, and Scots travellers have reported hearing them sung in American folk-song clubs. Stuart was tickled to learn that, thanks to him, Sandy's had become (for singers in Texas and the Yukon) a kind of fabled 'badman's bar' in darkest Caledonia. (Henderson, Alias MacAlias 12)

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