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Scotland The Brave

  • (Cliff Hanley)

    Towering in gallant fame
    Scotland my mountain hame
    High may your proud banners gloriously wave
    Land of my high endeavour
    Land of the shining river
    Land of my heart forever
    Scotland the brave

    Hark when the night is falling, hear hear the pipes are calling
    Loudly and proudly calling down through the glen
    There where the hills are sleeping now feel the blood a-leaping
    High as the spirits of the old Highlandmen

    High in the misty Highlands, out by the purple Islands
    Brave are the hearts that beat beneath Scottish skies
    Wild are the winds to meet you, staunch are the friends to greet you
    Kind as the light that shines from fair maidens' eyes

    (as sung by Kenneth McKellar)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] A modern "music hall" nationalist song which Henderson repudiates in his second stanza [of the Freedom Come-All-Ye]. Scotland the Brave is a good example of a song locked into Scotland's mythical, glorious Highland past. Of its kind it is an excellent and stirring piece, and often sung as the concert-hall national anthem. It appeals to past glory as an inspiration for the present, but offers no other solution to the problems of Scotland. (Olson, Music 154)

    It is unlikely that the composer, brought up in Glasgow, ever intended that this song should be taken seriously, but it has been enthusiastically adopted by concert-hall nationalists. It is similar in spirit to (and was probably intended as a parody of) [...] Scots Wha Hae. (Olson, Music 164)


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