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See It Come Down

  • (John Pole)

    In the house where I was born, first home I knew
    There's corrugated iron blinding all the windows
    In the garden Dad made round the lawn
    Where green grass grew
    There's muck and rubble and mud, half bricks and cinders
    For the developers have come to town
    And soon I'll see it, see it come down
    See it come down

    My old mum they moved her to a high rise flat
    Where she misses her mates and hopes we'll see her Sunday
    She lives alone with a lovely view and a clean doormat
    Afraid that death will catch her napping some day
    The lady with meals on wheels, the one friend she's found
    Though she cries for the old place, she won't see it come down
    See it come down

    Cloud of dust like smoke round a demolition site where I drive my crane
    Swinging the big steel ball that smashes walls in
    Winch it back careful, get the cable right, let it swing again
    There's a little more no-man's-land as each brick falls in
    A car park and an office block when I've cleared the ground
    They've paid me to see it, and now I've seen it come down
    Seen it come down

    We was all one where we lived, wish we were now
    We had debts and dole and kids but we did have neighbours
    Where the street was they want to build a tombstone tower
    Like a monster concrete moneybox for strangers
    Every last square foot of it worth a hundred pounds
    Some day we'll see that come tumbling down
    See it come down

    (as sung by Roy Bailey)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1994:] In some parts of [Glasgow after the War] there were 400 people to the acre and to rehouse them at minimal cost took precedence over what they wanted. People who had lived for generations in cramped conditions with outside toilets and no bathrooms needed better housing, but they didn't want to leave the areas where they had grown up and the close communities they lived in. It became a common sight to see sad little groups watching bleakly as their former homes, and those of their parents and grandparents were demolished. But the politicians still knew best. (Henderson, Finding Peggy 89)

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