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Sergeant Where's Mine

  • (Billy Connolly)

    Oh sergeant, was this the adventure you meant
    When I put my name down on the line
    All your talk of computers, of sunshine and skis
    I'm asking you, sergeant, where's mine

    I'm lying in bed, I'm in room twenty-six
    Thinking of things that I've done
    Like cleaning my boots and drinking with friends
    And counting the medals of one

    I've a brother in Glasgow with long curly hair
    When I joined up he said I was mad
    He said shooting at strangers just wasn't his game
    Now I wish I had done what he said

    I've learnt to put up with most things in my time
    I can even put up with the pain
    But what can you do with a gun in your hand
    When you're facing a hundred young weans

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1975:] Hugh [Fraser] has a friend, an officer in the Brigade of Guards, just back from a tour of duty in Northern Ireland. While they were there forty of his men bought themselves out of the Army, as their wives would not have them being shot at in Ireland. Meanwhile, partly because of the boom, but partly because of Ireland, the recruiting figure for April this year was half the number for April 1972. (Cecil King, Diary 1970-1974, July 3rd, 1973, p 297)

  • [1989:] In the recruiting office, there's always pictures of soldiers in a disco in Hong Kong, and skiing in the mountains somewhere in Norway, or they're playing with computers. But they never show you soldiers in Belfast. (Intro Iain MacKintosh)

  • [1990:] He's so good on comic songs few people remember that Billy Connolly has a nice line in wistful numbers, like Everybody Knows That, and his fine song about a squaddie injured in Northern Ireland, Sergeant Where's Mine?. (McVicar, One Singer One Song 110)

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