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Seven Braw Goons

  • (Duncan MacGillivray / Trad)

    I hae seven braw new goons, anither seven tae mak'
    But yet for all my braw goons my laddie has turned his back
    Besides I've seven milkin' kye, and Sandy has but three
    But yet for a' my good kye the laddie winnae hae me

    My daddy's a delver o' the dyke, my mother can card and spin
    And I'm a fine fit canty lass, the siller comes clinking in
    The siller comes clinking in, and it's fu' grand tae see
    Fifty times I've wondered now what ails the lads at me

    Whenever our auld dog does bark fast tae the door I rin
    Tae see gin ony blythe young spark will light and venture in
    But sic a lad ne'er yet has come tho' mony an ane gaes by
    Far ben the hoose I rin, a waeful wight am I

    Seven braw new goons I hae, anither seven tae mak'
    But yet for all the goons I hae the laddies don't want tae crack
    When I was first at my prayers I prayed but once a year
    I prayed for a handsome young man, a lad wi' muckle gear

    But now when I'm at my prayers I pray both night and day
    And if a beggar man would come wi' him I would surely gae
    And oh what will come o' me, whatever shall I do
    In spite o' a' my braw goons there's no one here tae woo

    (as sung by The Battlefield Band)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1988:] This song is a version of Slighted Nancie which appears in Allan Ramsey's 'Tea Table Miscellany' [of 1724]. The tune was written by Duncan MacGillivray. (Battlefield Band Songbook123)

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