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She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor

  • (Doe / Doaques)

    The balmy sunset breeze
    Brushed the young girl's innocent face
    As she shyly bid her parents fond farewell
    Her darling mother's tender voice
    Whispered anxious last advice
    Of the beastly world outside
    To her did tell

    But she had to go and lose it at the Astor
    She didn't take her mother's good advice
    Now there aren't so many girls today who have one
    And she'd never let it go for any price
    They searched the place from penthouse to the cellar
    In every room and underneath each bed
    Once they thought they saw it lying on a pillow
    But they found it belonged to someone else instead

    But she had to go and lose it at the Astor
    She didn't know exactly who to blame
    And she couldn't say just how or when she lost it
    She only knew she had it when she came
    They questioned all the bellboys and the porter
    The chef appeared to be the guilty guy
    And the doorman also acted quite suspicious
    But he coyly said, I'm sure it wasn't I

    But she had to go and lose it at the Astor
    It nearly killed her mother and her dad
    Now they felt as bad about the thing as she did
    After all it was the only one she had
    They just about completed all their searching
    When the chauffeur walked up with it in his hand
    All they did was stand and gape
    There was Millie's sable cape
    That's a helluva word for .................. at the Astor

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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