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Shift And Spin

  • (Ewan McVicar)

    Shift and spin, warp and twine
    Makin' thread coorse an' fine
    Dreamin' o' your Valentine
    Workin' in the mill

    Keep your bobbins free and easy
    Just be gallus, bright and breezy
    Hopin' that Prince Charming sees ye
    Workin' in the mill

    Oil your runners, mend your thread
    Do your best tae earn your bread
    Wish ye were a wife instead
    O' workin' in the mill

    Used tae dream you were all the rage
    Smiling from the fashion page
    Never thought you'd be a wage slave
    Workin' in the mill

    Used to think that life is kind
    No it's not but never mind
    Maybe some day love will find ye
    Workin' in the mill

    He loves you not - so what?
    Do the best with what you've got
    Earn your pay and spin your cotton
    Workin' in the mill

    (as sung by Danny Kyle)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1990:] The chorus of this song was written for a local history project in Paisley, Renfrewshire, recording the history of workers in the Paisley thread mills. Then, at the urging of Danny Kyle verses were added to be sung by Alan Tall and Lillian Cattigan in a show on the history of Glasgow. [...] Later I reworked the verses a little so I could sing it solo. So there are a couple of varying versions around. (McVicar, One Singer One Song 142)

  • [1997:] This poignant song by Ewan McVicar about working in the Paisley Thread Mills has been gaining increasing popularity around the Scottish singing sessions. I have taken the liberty of adding a verse from the beautiful Dundee song 'The Spinners Wedding' at the end. (Notes Mick West Band, 'Right Side o' the People')

  • [1998:] Ewan McVicar was a social worker in Paisley when he transcribed some interviews he had made with the Paisley tread-mill workers, and ended up with a song. I am dedicating this song to mill-worker Peggy McCabe, who met her Prince Charming - fairground man and boxing booth fighter, James 'Punchy' Kyle. (Notes Danny Kyle, 'Heroes and Soft Targets')

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