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Shipyard Slips

  • (David Wilde)

    And I served me time with the Island men
    And I've known good times and work a-plenty
    But there's no work now in these troubled times
    And the shipyard slips they're lying empty

    From Belfast town I'm on me way
    On a ship that was built for the tourist trade
    I leave me friends and the land where I was born
    And I won't come back till me fortune is made

    Farewell me father, my mother fair
    Old age has laid its hand all on you
    You loved me well and you never fail
    It's leaving your side my heart will rue

    I promised to write when I settled down
    To ease your mind, God I know ye'll worry
    Think of the times when I return
    But don't count the days and time it will hurry

    I'll remember the mountains, the fresh north air
    I'll remember the girls with their friendly stare
    I will think of the city and the friends that I have there
    And I hope me love she will send me a smile

    I'm going away to look for work
    But I live for the day of my returning
    To a job at home and peace of mind
    For the Belfast people I'll always be yearning

    (as sung by The Furey Brothers & Davey Arthur)

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