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Short Cut Through The Fields

  • (Tommy Sands)

    Let me take your hand and we'll walk along together
    Over the river and under the trees
    We'll talk about the times we were making plans together
    Taking the short cut through the fields

    Tell the taxi man there's no need to come further
    I'm tired of the highways and the hard city streets
    Tell the taxi man, Let us off at the corner
    I want to feel the grass beneath my feet

    I know every bush and every berry in the valley
    I know every thrush and every blackbird's loving song
    And there's that old oak tree where we carved our love forever
    Coming from the dancing in the hall

    And there's that same old moon, let it shine on forever
    Lighting up the laughter and the loving in your eye
    And do you mind the time when we sat down here together
    And tried to say good-bye

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1995:] The short cut through the fields, over hedges, ditches, fields and streams, may not have been all that quicker at the end of the day, but it certainly seemed more romantic, unforgettable, softer on the heels, and unwrinkling for the mind. (Notes Tommy Sands, 'The Heart's A Wonder')

Quelle: Northern Ireland

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