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Silver Coin

  • (Terry Hiscock)

    Now that I'm older, though I'm not old enough to know
    What it is to be lonely, what it is to be without a home
    I've a friend nearby who loves me rain or shine
    Don't ask me why
    But her younger eyes are so much older eyes than mine

    I thought I was well-read, wouldn't have to ask her for a lead
    Till I read what her eyes said, then I knew there was nothing more to read
    Nothing more to do and nothing more to say
    But give all my words away
    To someone who needs them who can't find a girl like you

    And I ran all the way here to be the first to see the morning star
    There were others before me for the sounds of beauty travel far
    I hear it loud and clear and it rings like the silver coin
    Thrown down on stone
    Though I'm lost in the crowd I know you're around me somehow

    (as sung by Archie Fisher)

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