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Single Handed Sailor

  • (Colin Henderson)

    I'm a single handed sailor
    Lost, adrift and alone
    Hoping to ride the wind and the tide
    Hoping to find my way home

    I could have stayed in the harbour safe from the storm and the gale
    Letting the sands run through my hands watching as others set sail
    But I would have spent time counting the things I'd never known
    Passions laid waste, dreams misplaced, the seeds of desire unsown

    The sea is ever changing like the beat of a restless heart
    Out there I find some peace of mind to keep me from falling apart
    When the voyage was ended I'd stand once again on the shore
    I'd take time to smile and rest for a while before setting sail once more

    You know I must roam the ocean, the wanderlust still burns
    'Neath empty skies I'd remember the ties that bind and I will always return

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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