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Sing Me A Song Mr Bloom

  • (Ian Walker)

    Sing me a song Mr Bloom
    You sing and I'll dance around the room
    You roll back the years
    Dry up my tears
    When you sing me a song Mr Bloom

    Every day you'll find me as the world goes rolling by
    Sitting in my corner, a sadness in my eye
    'Cos I'm minding the time when my world was in its prime
    Oh where did it go Mr Bloom

    I played life to the limit, I know it's hard to understand
    Dancing through the nighttimes, singing with the band
    Now the voice is gone and my dancing days were done
    Until you came along Mr Bloom

    The family and friends I knew, I never see them now
    But I'd welcome them with open arms if they could come somehow
    'Cos I'm always at home, always alone
    Except when you call round Mr Bloom

    The sun came smiling from your face when you walked through my door
    You lifted up this tired old head from staring at the floor
    And you gave back to me a reason to be
    Hello again and thank you Mr Bloom

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1987:] Mr. Bloom is a character in the film 'Twilight Zone - The Movie'. He visits homes for old people and, magically, turns them into children again! (Notes Ian Walker, 'Flying High')

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