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Slean Libh

  • (Sean Barlow / Peadar Kearney)

    Sisters and brothers, comrades all, who trod the olden road with me
    And answering a nation's call dear Mother Erin sworn to free
    To you who'll carry on the fight my share of deathless hope I give
    Before I pass into the night, Slean libh

    Slean libh! a simple Irish phrase of parting but to meet again
    'Twixt comrades who thro' night and days for her dear sake strove might and main
    For her dear sake, remember me, for her dear sake, my faults forgive
    God speed the fight for liberty, Slean libh

    Your work allows no time for rest, one longest life is merest span
    Your cause, the bravest, noblest, best that e'er inspired the heart of man
    Fight on! fear not! for God is just (The tyrant he shall cease to live)
    And pray for those whose bones are dust, Slean libh

    (as sung by Dominic Behan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1965:] 'Fare you well' or 'Safety to you' in the English. It descends almost to bathos and has none of the hot blood of revolution in it. It is an unhappy choice [for this album]. (Paddy Tunney, notes Dominic Behan, 'Easter Week and After')

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