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The Slob

  • (Rab Noakes)

    But there's not a woman in the world
    Who can tidy up his mess
    Some of them tried, some of them cried
    And some of them couldn't care less

    Somebody knocked over an ashtray
    Somebody kicked over a beer
    Somebody's yelling out, Where the hell are we
    Another voice answers, Who cares
    There's no paper in the toilet
    Not one clean cup in the place
    And when the wheel doesn't move he won't oil it
    Because he's not running any race

    He doesn't know if it's June or September
    Sometimes he can't tell left from right
    If he asks you the time and you say, Half past nine
    He says, Is it morning or is it night
    But he knows the way that he wants to live
    He puts his feet where he wants them to be
    And he's always got something he's willing to give you
    And he looks at what he wants to see

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

    Tune: Sung for the Song

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