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Small Countries

  • (Neil Parry)

    Small countries of the world, sharing it with others
    Many cultures, many tongues, many big brothers
    They must do as they are told
    And they must never be so bold
    As to expect respect, only ignorance and neglect

    Small countries have no voice, some are governed from afar
    They have little or no choice, oppression leaves a scar
    Deliberate condemnation
    They sow motivation
    For problems universal, cultural dispersal

    Little countries must stand strong until they have a place
    And show that they belong in the face of the human race
    It's not too much to ask
    It's not too big a task
    If they're swallowed up what will remain
    Just face this people who all look the same

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] [Expressing] belief in the diversity of human culture. (Notes 'Valley Lights')

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