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  • Trad / Ian McCalman

    Smugglers drink of the Frenchman's wine
    And the darkest night is the smuggler's time
    Away we run from the exciseman
    It's the smuggler's life for me
    It's the smuggler's life for me

    The boat rides off o' Ailsa Craig in the waning o' the light
    There's thirty men in Lendalfoot tae mak' our burden bright
    And there's thirty horse in Hazel Home wi' the halters on their heid
    All set this night upon yon high if wind or water speed

    Oh lads ye hae a cosy bed and cattle ye hae ten
    Can ye no live a lawful life and live wi' lawful men
    What must I live with homely goose while there's foreign gear sae fine
    Must I drink at the waterside and France sae full of wine

    And when at last the dawn comes up and the cargo's safely stored
    Like sinless saints to church we'll go God's mercy to afford
    And it's champagne fine for communion wine and the parson drinks it too
    With a sly wink prays, Forgive these men for they know not what they do

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] [From his stay at Turnberry in 1775 Burns] recalled, describing the society of [the Ayrshire] coast of sailors and smugglers. 'The contraband trade was at that time very successful; scenes of swaggering riot and roaring dissipation were as yet new to me, and I was no enemy to social life.' (Grimble, Robert Burns 22)

  • [1997:] I could credit this to my name. I found it in an old book, 'Scottish Minstrelsy' [???], and added the tune and chorus, and the last verse. But it was easier crediting it to Trad. (Ian McCalman, pr. comm.)

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