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Snowy Cordillera

  • (Alec Finn / Phil & June Colclough)

    They came across the border through the snowy Cordillera
    She could dance Fandango, he could play guitar
    In a cold northern city now they try to live life faceless
    She collects the glasses, he works behind the bar

    But something in their faces is bound to get them noted
    A beauty, a defiance that makes customers beware
    And if you watch them closely you can see that they're no servants
    But players from a drama which is happening elsewhere

    In the early morning when the drinkers have departed
    We watch them walk in silence to their tiny room
    And often around corners together they'll be glancing
    To make sure no one's watching through the shadows and the gloom

    For hour after hour together they'll be talking
    About the time they ran fast as the southern reels
    They'll be reminiscing of the time they were walking
    High on the snowline, way above the trees

    They waited till the night came and then they ran together
    There was no time to say goodbye, there was no time for tears
    All through the darkness running for the border
    All they carried with them was nothing but their fears

    In the early light they saw the Cordillera
    There they breathed the air which is so free and pure
    Their arms around each other they came across the border
    In their hearts they knew they would return no more

    Her hair upon the pillow it shines as black as raven
    The rings upon his fingers are the only things he brought
    And if you were to see them and say that they've got nothing
    But all they need is nothing, and nothing's ever sought

    Sometimes while they're sleeping they can see the southern mountains
    They stand there in the wind which blows so strong and wild
    All they have is love and love it costs them nothing
    In the early springtime she expects his child

    (as sung by De Dannan)

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