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Soap Starch And Candles

  • (Trad / Tomi Jenkins)

    With its
    Soap starch and candles, fender, brick and turpentine
    Everglue and mustard and cod-liver oil and scent
    Black lead, clothes-line, treacle, peas and fishing-line
    Colours mixed for painting, pots and brushes lent

    'Twas on last Easter Monday that I took a trip to Coombe
    'Twas there I met the charming girl, of her I sing to you
    'Twas on the steamboat we first met, I felt my heart go flop
    For she told to me her name and described her father's shop

    I saw them playing at a-kissing in the ring so I joined them in that scene
    She always threw her glove at me to chase her round the green
    And when I caught her - oh what bliss to span her tender waist
    And when I kissed her how I said, Of heaven those lips do taste

    Now a year's gone by and her and me we decided to get wed
    And in the back room of that shop we had a grand old spread
    And then her father's come to me and he made my heart go flop
    For he said to me that we could keep the corner shop

    (as sung by Cromlech)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] Local traditional song from Swansea. (Notes 'Valley Lights')

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