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The Song Song

  • (Chris Rohmann)

    And here comes the chorus, won't you sing along
    Join us in the chorus, the chorus of this song
    Ooooooooh - Ooooooooh

    Now the song's beginning
    Here's the second line
    The first verse is almost finished
    Aren't we doing fine

    Second verse already
    Isn't singing fun
    We could sing this verse all night but whoops
    The verse is done

    Here's the middle eight in the middle
    Eight bars long

    This is the six-bar instrumental ...

    The third verse is the sad verse
    It's like leaving an old friend
    We've got to say goodbye now
    Because we've reached the end
    Yes it's the end -
    Except for the chorus ...

    Here's a problem how to end it
    Sing the last line
    Once more with feeling
    The chorus of this song

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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