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Song Of Unrequited Love

  • (Adam McNaughtan)

    Well today when I woke up the bed was empty
    Your teeth were missing from the glass upon the chair
    I thought that you'd got up to make the breakfast
    And when I'd go ben the kitchen you'd be there
    Then I found the note you'd left me in my piece-box
    Saying, you wanted to get away without a fuss
    That's something you must have read in the Woman's Weekly
    'Cause it doesn't happen to the likes of us

    I blame the whole thing on those stupid stories
    Where a doctor gives a nurse's heart a tug
    But how the hell could you run away with a butcher
    Especially a lousy butcher like big Shug?
    You say that Shug's a good man and I'd like him
    That's another line you took straight out the book
    I hope his pork gets swine vesicular fever
    And all his rotten mince falls off the hook

    Our life together did not have much passion
    I was used to you as you were used to me
    But now you're gone it hurts me kind of funny
    Like the pain in a space where a bad tooth used to be
    Oh Agnes, please come back to me I need you
    I need your smile, your greeting face and all
    But most of all I need the colour telly
    That you took with you the day you shot the craw

    ben - into; greet - cry;
    shoot the craw - run away, elope

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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