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Southside Blues

  • (Stuart MacGregor)

    There's nothing left inside my heart to sing
    The pain to which I cling and make my fingers play
    Tomorrow's sky will kiss the dawn goodbye
    And the streets will fill with laughter and another day
    And hands will twine and never have a care
    Or one small thought to spare that you have gone away

    And the love you gave me wasn't fresh and young
    It didn't melt the sun or set the town aflame
    But it was warm and wise as any street
    Where hope and sorrow meet and bars without a name
    I only know that one day was a drink
    And then the next was you and nothing was the same

    Don't think on me in apple-blossom time
    For in our northern clime the flowers don't bloom too long
    But sure an east wind, turn the corner fast
    Step proud into the blast and face it with my song
    So it will know while chilling stone and spire
    It cannot touch the fire where only we belong

    I cannot say you'll always stay with me
    And keep my memory gay as other singers might
    I only know that all we had to show
    Were tender scattered hours when winter streets were white
    But as I view my city through the tears
    All other days and years seem lonely roads at night

    (as sung by Archie Fisher)

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