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Standing At The Door

  • (Allan Taylor)

    Seems all I do is say goodbye
    I don't want to leave no more
    'Cause the leaving's that much harder
    When you're standing at the door

    I came through from Germany, drove all through the night
    I had to get to Amsterdam to catch an early flight
    Just an hour to England and I finally made it home
    But all too soon it's over and I have to leave again

    I see a lot of places and the living's pretty good
    I'm not sure if I'd change a thing, I don't know if I could
    But lately I've been gone too long and the nights at home are few
    Give me one more night in England, give me one more night with you

    I'm looking to the lady who guides me home at night
    I see her in the distance, she's smiling in the light
    I sometimes think she's watching me and she's keeping me from harm
    As I travel through the lonely night to make it home again

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