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Standing In Line

  • (Lester Simpson)

    Standing in line, waiting to sign
    Standing in line to go over
    And a half-empty washing-line serves to remind
    That you're fallen and always standing in line

    Puttees and polish, a cigarette and a smile
    A C.P., a soldier, no more than a child
    You roared 'Tipperary' down to the train
    But in Flanders the guns sang a different refrain

    Misinformation, a well-hidden lie
    Roll up, try your luck on the coconut shy
    White feathers or glory, while government hacks
    Are busy newspapering over the cracks

    But only the swallows and your postcards came home
    To the long summer days and the corn newly grown
    As certain as Empire you marched off to war
    Where fear-choked and rum-soaked, they taught you to plough

    You fought and you died in the mud and the rain
    A mile into hell and a mile back again
    A pawn in their game, not fallen but pushed
    And a Portland stone bonnet forever

    (as sung by Coope, Boyes & Simpson)

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