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Stan Rogers The Singer

  • (Ian Bruce)

    The lazy, the triers, the honest and liars
    Ladies and children can all die in fires
    Flame won't discern for the ones it admires
    An artist can die without warning
    And if he's a singer and writer of songs
    There's tears where he never knew he belonged
    Space in the hearts of his audience forms
    A space for the singer

    Now I'm sure you will find, on the brink of your mind
    A singer of stature, his name underlined
    Your loyalty won't let him be undermined
    His music's so good he deserves this
    But who is the man with the short cut career
    Whose songs rise above those of most of his peers
    Whose voice is constantly fresh in my ears
    Stan Rogers the singer

    His songs are embroideries with words neatly sewn
    His needle of melody stitches so strong
    Deep coloured threads are his bellowing tones
    Singing songs of seas, ships and lovers
    Stan Rogers - now he's dead I regret
    A giant cut down by a lit cigarette
    The flames took the man we ne'er can forget
    Stan Rogers the singer

    Do Do Do, Da Da Da, De De De 'N' De
    Do Do Do, Da Da Da, De 'N' De 'N' De
    Do Do Do, Da Da Da, De De De 'N' De
    Do Do Do, Da Da Da, De 'N' De 'N' De

    Now he's gone to the sun with a million and one
    Of his unwritten songs that will never be sung
    But in his music he's left us a 'son'
    Who sings as if from the heavens
    For when he sings, the Father comes down
    He lives once again here with us on the ground
    You're moved along by the undying sound
    Of Stan Rogers the singer

    Do Do Do ...

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