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The Steggie

  • (Trad)

    Oh there is an auld wifie at the top o' yon hill
    The green leaves sae green o
    And she keeps her hoosie whaur ye get yer fill
    And ye ken pretty weel what I mean o
    She keeps her hoose o' the braw guid ale
    The green leaves sae green o
    And a bonnie serving lassie fir tae carry it ben
    And ye ken pretty weel what I mean o

    A sodger laddie gae'd there ae nicht
    And he's ca'd fir a beaker o' her braw guid ale
    He's ca'd fir a beaker, an' ca'd fir anither
    An' the lassie an' the sodger they got bedded doon taegither

    Noo she's put her hand oot ower his wyme (3)
    Sayin', What is that like the dreg harra tyne (1)
    It is my steggie that I ride on
    An' my wallet fir keeping a' my confidences in

    Oh he's put his hand oot ower her wyme (3)
    Sayin', What is that like the birse on a swine (2)
    It is my wellie that I draw frae
    Ye can water yer steggie in it if ye may

    What if my steggie it should fall in
    You can aye grab a hand o' the breadth roond the brim
    He's put in his steggie sae plump and fat
    And he's pu'd it oot again like a half-drooned rat

    (as sung by Rod Paterson)

    steggie - stallion;
    wyme - wame - belly ( see 2013 below)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1981:] Arthur Argo got [this] (text only) from an elderly relative, and himself put a tune to [it]. (Henderson, Alias MacAlias 148)

  • [2013] [mailed by Dick Trickey, 25km north of Aberdeen.]
    (1)The phrase "dreg hard time" should read " dreg harra tyne". Dreg harra is local Doric dialect for a drag harrow (field-working tool) and the tynes are steel spikes. An obvious metaphore!
    (2) In addition I think that birsts on a swine should read birse on a swine, birse being a beard or coarse tuffted hair. Again, fairly obvious!
    (3) Finally "wame" becomes "wyme" up here. Rhymes with tyne.
    There are also other verses sung locally which I have not got yet but will do soon.

Quelle: Scotland

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