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Summer Of Love

  • (Peter Nelson)

    When I was fifteen and a man of the world
    I was madly in love with a Catholic girl
    She had gray Irish eyes and the whitest of teeth
    And a body that left the whole neighbourhood weak

    It was the body of a fully grown woman sh woul'd have
    In the spring of her years, in the summer of love
    And for gentlemen callers, she had a dozen or more
    But I was the one her dad let in the door

    Sometimes in the small hours, with the whole town asleep
    I'd crawl out my window and climb down my tree
    I'd light up a cigarette and walk to her house
    And I'd climb to her window to lure her out

    And we would go to the park and lie in the grass
    And we'd talk about life as it flew by so fast
    And sometimes she'd kiss me, sometimes she'd let me
    Touch her in the dark where I hadn't touched yet

    And sometimes at her window I thought I would die
    She'd already be out with some other guy

    Shawn, where have you gone
    It's nineteen sixty-eight, the Beatles are on
    I've got nine cigarettes, that should last till dawn
    Shawn, where have you gone

    There was Bobby and Barry, Paul, Jim and Rick
    You were so friendly I was literally sick
    But when we were together I was more or less lost
    Although I did what you told me, whatever the cost

    Sometimes I would help you when you'd babysit kids
    But for all that we knew they'd be dead in their cribs
    It was late in October, I think, when I heard
    Everybody was talking, spreading the word

    Did you hear Shawn's pregnant, but she's keeping the kid
    And she's not telling anyone who the guy is
    When I met you I didn't know quite what to say
    But I wasn't the only one speechless that day

    Then I heard you had dropped out of school
    And all your old suitors were playing it cool
    So I went to your window and I climbed up your tree
    And all that I knew was, it couldn't be me

    You had left town, and you never came back
    And later I learned that the baby was black

    Shawn, where have you gone
    It's nineteen sixty-eight, the Beatles are on
    I've got nine cigarettes, that should last till dawn
    Shawn, where have you gone

    Now it's twenty years later, and I'm still the guy
    With the fly-away hair and the smoke in his eye
    It's our high-school reunion, everyone's here
    Playing down the effects of the drugs and the beer

    We are balding and grey, overweight and just tired
    So is the rock 'n' roll band someone hired
    Paul and Barry, and Jim, Rick and Bob
    Are all doing okay, though Jim lost his job

    We are married with children, mortgages too
    And we can't believe all the things we used to do
    We can still sing along to that song by the Byrds
    Though it's harder each year to remember the words

    But we look back and laugh, the memories are warm
    And we still raise a glass to the old high-school song
    And the music is playing a tune from that year
    And all I can think is that you should be here

    Because while we wax nostalgic, wistful, or sad
    Do we celebrate something that you never had
    A chance to grow slowly, a chance to find peace
    You became an adult in thirty-six weeks

    Now it's not mine to say to forgive or forget
    I wouldn't presume that you're full of regrets
    But I wish you could see how we've turned into men
    Now we're all reunited again

    And I wish I could know that you're doing all right
    Because your name came up several times here today
    And I wish I could see you, though I can't make amends
    For abandoning you when you needed your friends

    Shawn, where have you gone
    It's nineteen sixty-eight, the Beatles are on
    I've got nine cigarettes,that should last till dawn
    Shawn, where have you gone

    When I was fifteen and a man of the world
    I was madly in love with a girl in school

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • german [1980:] Den Durchbruch brachte [1965] die Byrds-Fassung des Dylan-Titels Mr. Tambourine Man, die den Folk Rock as Stil etablierte und ihn gleichzeitig als Verkaufskonzept der großen Schallplattenkonzerne durchsetzte. (Siniveer, Folk-Lexikon 102)

  • english [1995:] The abrupt death of real innocence is the heart of Peter Nelson's Summer of Love, given to Iain in Delaware by Scottish expatriate Mike Dinsmore. (Notes Iain MacKintosh & Brian McNeill, 'Stage By Stage')

  • english [1997:] For 11 weeks in the long hot summer of 1967, earnest young things tried to make sense of Procul Harum's 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'. It was 30 years ago today that the record first topped the charts, reigning for nearly three months before being toppled by another anthem of the times, 'All You Need Is Love'. It was, and is, impossible to penetrate Procul Harum's opaque lyrics, but in that summer of love and dope people learnt to 'do their own thing' [...].

    But there was more to 1967 than love-ins, happenings and drops of crystal liquid on sugar cubes (LSD). It was the time of the decisive break with 'old' Britain. The stuffy conformism of the long postwar period gave way to a new emphasis on personal freedom. In April of that year homosexuality was illegal, by May it was not. August saw the first prosecutions under the new Race Relations Act and, unnoticed by the male half of the population, the seeds of the women's liberation movement were quietly being sown. (Barry Hugill, Observer, 25 May)

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