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Sweet Pamela Brown

  • (Tom T. Hall)

    I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown
    All my good times, all my ramblin' round
    Thanks to her I came to Hamburg town
    So I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown

    I'm the guy who didn`t marry sweet Pamela Brown
    Tall and blond, educated, prettiest girl in town
    I wonder where I'd be today if she had loved me too
    I'd probably be driving kids to school

    I've been in many cities, sung in many clubs and bars
    Sailed to foreign countries and I've walked on foreign shores
    The guy she married drove a pickup truck and played guitar
    I had just a banjo - and no car

    It hurts me to remember just how beautiful she was
    Everything it takes to get a Glasgow boy in love
    Well, Lord, I hope she's happy 'cause she sure deserves to be
    Especially for what she did to me

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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