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Tae The Weavers Gin Ye Gang

  • (Trad / Robert Burns)

    Tae the weavers gin ye gang, fair maids
    Tae the weavers gin ye gang
    I'll rede you richt, gang ne'er at nicht
    Tae the weavers gin ye gang

    My heart was aince as blyth and free
    As summer days are lang
    But a bonie westlin' weaver lad
    Has gart me change my sang

    My mither sent me tae the toon
    Tae warp a plaiden wab
    But the weary weary warpin' o't
    Has gart me sigh and sab

    A bonie westlin' weaver lad
    Sat working at his loom
    He took my heart as wi' a net
    In every knot and thrum

    I sat beside my warpin-wheel
    And ay I ca'd it roun'
    But every shot and every knock
    My heart it gae a stoun

    The moon was sinking in the west
    Wi' visage pale and wan
    When my bonie westlin' weaver lad
    Convoy'd me thro' the glen

    But what was said and what was done
    Shame fa' me gin I tell
    But Oh! I fear the country soon
    Will ken as weel's mysel'

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] "The poet says in his manuscript notes, 'The chorus of this song is old, the rest is mine. Here, once for all, let me apologise for many silly compositions of mine in this work. Many beautiful airs wanted words, and, in the hurry of other avocations, if I could string a parcel of rhymes together anything nearly tolerable, I was fain to let them pass. He must be an excellent poet, indeed, whose every performance is excellent.' Pieces like the following, therefore, occupy no higher level than authentic trivialities." (Notes Andy M. Stewart, 'Songs of Robert Burns')

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