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Three Healths

  • (Trad)

    Tae yin king, and no king yin uncle and ae lad
    Tae him that's a' these, yet allowed to be neither
    I'm pushed about while the bottles are standard
    If you know what I mean, here's a health to our landlord

    Tae yin queen, and no queen yin aunt and no mother
    Come, boys, let us cheerfully drink up another
    And now, to be honest, we'll stick by our faith, sir
    And we'll stand by our landlord as long as we've faith, sir

    Tae yin prince, and no prince yin son and no bastard
    Be shrewd them that say it is a lie that is fostered
    God bless them all three, we'll conclude with this one, sir
    Here's a health to our landlord, his wife and his son, sir

    So our monarch's returned, then once more we'll advance, boys
    We've one that's in Flanders, the other's in France, boys
    Then about with a health let him come, let him come then
    Send a warning to England and both are at hame then

    (as sung by Dick Gaughan)

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