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Tibbie Dunbar

  • (Robert Burns / Trad)

    O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar
    O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar
    Wilt thou ride on a horse, or be drawn in a cart
    Or walk by my side, sweet Tibbie Dunbar

    I care na thy daddie, his land or his money
    I care na thy kin, sae high and sae lordly
    But say that thou'lt hae me for better or waur
    And come in your coatie, sweet Tibbie Dunbar

    I offer you naethin' in siller or land
    What man could determine the price o' your hand
    But gie me your consent we'd be richer by far
    O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar

    O wilt thou be known as a poor beggar's lady
    And sleep in the heather well wrapt in my plaidie
    The sky for a roof and your candle a star
    My love for a fire, sweet Tibbie Dunbar

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by The Dubliners)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1959:] Burns reported that the tune of Tibbie Dunbar was said "to be the composition of John McGill, fiddler in Girvan; who called it after his own name." It was probably older, however, and may be of English origin. The words are Burns's. (Notes Ewan MacColl, 'Songs of Robert Burns')

  • [1988:] Geschrieben 1790. (Camerer, Burns 180)

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