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Trip To Jerusalem

  • (Joe Dolan)

    Whack fol de diddle fel de diro deh
    Whack fol de diddle fel de dero
    Oh Mrs Dolan your son he isn't working

    I'm a stranger here from Ireland's shore
    Been on the road six months or more
    Hiking working travel in style
    I'm a vagabond from Ireland's Isle
    My sunburned thumb stuck up in the air
    Many's the lift from here to there
    Cars buses vans and trains
    In the punishing heat the snow and rain

    I came from Dublin to Jerusalem town
    Had a drink or two on the journey down
    At a railway station called Gare du Nord
    I missed my train through gargling hard
    Three days later in Napoli
    On a Turkish boat I sailed to sea
    Slept in a hot hole down below
    Travelling tourist class you know

    When the promised land came into sight
    The customs man gave me a fright
    How much money have you got with you Joe
    I bluffed and said fifty pounds or so
    He said, Shalom and I said, Good day
    Grabbed my gear got fast away
    Down to the desert then I went
    Digging up history living in a tent

    It was in the Gulf of Acaba
    I met some Paddies and we had a Fleadh
    Danced through the streets of Eilat town
    Sang Sean South of Garryowen
    I was travelling I don't know
    You pack your gear get up and go
    Leave the crack for another bout
    Could damn well do with a pint of stout

    (as sung by Christy Moore)

    Tune: Muirsheen Durkin

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1978:] I wrote this song in my salad days (back in 1965) when I worked on an archaeological expedition to Masada in the Negev desert. I was on general duty on top of the mountain with a walkie-talkie as a weapon and the temperature around 120 degrees in the shade. I was thinking of how I'd got there. (Joe Dolan, notes Christy Moore, 'The Iron Behind the Velvet')

  • [1984:] Joe went to fight in the Six Day War and wrote this song to prove he'd been there. Don't know if he ever got there. (Christy Moore Song Book 64)

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