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Twelve And A Tanner A Bottle

  • (MacKenzie / Will Fyffe)

    It's twelve and a tanner a bottle
    That's what it's costin' today
    Twelve and a tanner a bottle
    Man it tak's a' your pleasure away
    Afore ye can hae a wee drappie
    You have to spend a' that you've got
    How can a fella be happy
    When happiness costs such a lot

    It's really high time something is done
    To alter the way the country is run
    They're no daein' things the way that they should
    Just take for instance the price of the food

    There's taxes on this, taxes on that
    While the people grow lean, the officials grow fat
    You have to admit it's a bit underhand
    Puttin' a tax on the breath of the land

    I used to meet old pals o' mine
    When whisky was cheap, went doon like wine
    Noo I don't see them I'm sorry to tell
    I slip roon' the corner and drink by masel'

    (as sung by Hamish Imlach)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] On 19 April 1920, the price of a bottle of whisky rose from ten shillings and sixpence to twelve and six. On 27 September 1939 the price rose again, this time to fourteen shillings and threepence. The song was obviously made during that period. (MacColl/Seeger, Doomsday 274)

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