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Twenty Years Ago

  • (Eric Bogle)

    I shall not fear, I shall not stumble
    I shall never give up the struggle
    Till morning comes and the shadows pass
    And we all walk in the light at last

    Twenty years ago in a country far away
    I marched for the same cause I'm marching today
    For a world without shadows and a future without fear
    Twenty years ago and a long way from here

    Twenty years ago I remember how we sang
    We waved our banners proudly as we marched arm in arm
    For a world we thought worth saving we lifted up our voice
    We saw the holocaust, you know we had no choice

    And here I am today, and twenty years have gone
    The shadows are still with us, the struggle still goes on
    The cloud of fear still hovers, and yet we all still try
    To blow ourselves all to hell, and still I don't know why

    And in twenty years from now, if I get to live that long
    If I'm needed I'll be marching and I'll still be singing songs
    So let us stand together, vow never to give in
    You know we are right, and you know that we must win

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