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Twice Daily

  • (Adge Cutler)

    To the ram-do-day, the ram-do-dah
    The ram-do-di-do-randy
    To the ri-do-day, ri-do-dah
    Ri-do-di twice daily

    When I was a lad, I was very glad
    To go out in the haytime
    With my fork and my bottle and a cork
    Right out in the haytime
    Tossing hay one fine day
    I met young Lucy Bailey
    I said, My dear, are you often here
    She said, Yes Sir, twice daily

    We had such fun in the summer sun
    Lucy was so thrilling
    So sweet and pure but I wasn't sure
    If that girl was willing
    Until one day on the hay
    We were working gaily
    When she up's and slips, her knickers ripped
    And I went there twice daily

    Lucy's dad, he was very bad
    Chased me round the hay barn
    Said my son, now you've had your fun
    The time has come to pay now
    My girl you'll wed, the old man said
    As he waved his shotgun gaily
    If you don't, he says, I'll pop the lead
    And you won't go there twice daily

    So the very next day in the month of May
    We held the ceremony
    We paid off the vicar with a gallon of liquor
    Rode to church on a pony
    And to Lucy's joy, we had a boy
    What a little darling
    He's round and fat as a Cheshire cat
    He's perky as a starling

    Now we're old, our story's told
    Of forty years together
    Now we often stray where we tossed that hay
    In that old-time summer weather
    Kids we got ten or more
    We goes on quite gaily
    Though I'm old and grey, when I get my way
    I still goes there twice daily

    (as sung by The Wolfe Tones)

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