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  • (Jake Thackray)

    When Ulysses comes home he always greets me
    With an open heart
    But you will see how Ulysses
    Has taken my life apart

    I've got a dog called Ulysses
    He plays all day in the park
    Sniffing at his friends and the chestnut trees
    And chasing cats till after dark

    Then when Ulysses comes home - wag wag, wouf wouf
    He makes me sick
    Because Ulysses communicates
    His love with a snuffle and a lick

    I like to sit in my fireside chair
    Watching TV till the epilogue
    In a semi-coma without a care
    And I would if it wasn't for my bloody dog

    When my Ulysses comes home - wag wag, wouf wouf
    Like a maniac
    It's useless to pursue my viewing
    So I sent my television back

    I tried to climb the social scale
    I organised a little 'do'
    Some very posh people came to my cocktail
    But at half past seven my party was through

    When my Ulysses came home - wag wag, wouf wouf
    I knew I was sunk
    My guests were not at all impressed
    And left when my dog got drunk

    I took my girlfriend home one night
    We both knew this was IT
    We were drinking wine by candlelight
    Getting to a very important bit

    When my Ulysses came home - wag wag, wouf wouf
    He broke the spell
    Intruding on my beautiful romance
    Like a hound from hell

    My one solution is quick and grim
    A little bottle of cyanide
    I can't bring myself to get rid of him
    I'll have to perform suicide

    Then when Ulysses comes home - wag wag, wouf wouf
    Home for his tea
    He'll have to cry a little bit
    For having given so much love to me

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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