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Up And Awa Wi' The Laverock

  • (G. S. MacLennan / Andy Hunter)

            Up and awa' and awa' wi' the laverock
            Up and awa' and awa' in the morning
            Up and awa' and awa' wi' the laverock
            Up and awa' tae the hills wi' me

    Wi' yir cast and yir gut and yir flea and yir heuk
    Wi' yir cast and yir gut and yir rod and yir reel
    Wi' yir cast and yir gut and a wee pickle luck
    Ye'll hae plenty o' troot fur tae pit in yir creel

    Fur there's troot in the Jaw and troot in Loch Awe
    There's troot in the Leven, the Tummel, the Spey
    Loch Kethrine's watter is guid fur a batter
    The mair ye can slauchter the mair ye can fry

    Wi' yir drum on the fire ye're laird o' the shire
    Wi' yir drum on the fire ye're makin' yir tea
    Wi' yir drum on the fire ye canna weel tire
    O' the wheeplin curlew coorlin' free

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

    Tune: Jig o' Slurs

    laverock - lark; heuk - hook; wee - little; drum - billy-can

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1984:] The third and fourth parts of Pipe Major G. S. MacLennan's Jig o' Slurs provided Andy with the tune for this delicious little song. "It's in celebration of my father's love of nature and fishing and my own attachment to the Old Kilpatrick Hills, where the Jaw Loch is to be found (and fished)." (Notes Andy Hunter 'King Fareweel')

  • [2000:] I got this song from Lizzie Higgins. I thought that it was an old song but it was written relatively recently by a singer called Andy Hunter. Lizzie had either changed the words - or simply got them wrong - so the text here is how I learned it. I have listened to Andy's version but decided to keep the words as I got them from Lizzie, as this is how it is in my mind. I am sure that Andy will take a certain satisfaction from the fact that this song is going through the normal process of being adopted and adapted in the tradition. (Notes Heather Heywood, 'Lassies Fair and Laddies Braw')

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