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Valley Lights

  • (Frank Hennessy)

            And all the valley lights come twinkling down
            As night descends on this old town
            All the boys and girls come out to play
            And the factory seems a million miles away

    At his lathe young Davy stands
    The steel he works with burns his hands
    Clock's slowly moving round to five
    A klaxon blows - a sound he loves
    In the locker his overalls he shoves
    This is when young Davy comes alive

    Smoky bar-room, jukebox playing
    Davy says he won't be staying
    Just called in for two or three or four
    A clean white shirt, a man of means
    Money jingling in his jeans
    Who knows what the evening has in store

    Outside the dance-hall people wait
    The doors will open up at eight
    Hear the merry laughter in the rain
    Then across the crowd he sees her
    He wonders what to say to please her
    The alcohol is getting to his brain

    The dance is over, clap the band
    Couples leaving, hand in hand
    The earthy smell of summer all around
    'Cross the meadows, midnight skies
    She looks into his smiling eyes
    Davy lays his coat upon the ground

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