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  • (Ian McCalman / Hoyday / Cornelis Vreeswijk)

    Veronica, Veronica, where is your hat of blue
    He's searching in the dark night, the man who thinks of you
    But now this man has gone away, he never will return
    When the dawn breaks

    Veronica, Veronica, lift up your parasol
    The friend that came has left you never more to call
    You'll surely find another for they are scattered round
    When the dawn breaks

    But don't you think Veronica the morning it is grey
    And are you sometimes sorry that you let him go away
    Now think again Veronica and lift your telephone
    When the dawn breaks

    Veronica, Veronica, your long hair flowing free
    Look deep into your lover's eyes and into yours he'll see
    Fall into sleep and with him awaken in the morn
    When the dawn breaks

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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