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The Vicar and the Frog

  • (Noel Murphy / Stan Crowther)

    There once was a very very holy vicar
    Who was walking along the street one day
    When he heard a little voice saying, Excuse me, Vicar
    Oh help me, Vicar, this voice did say
    The vicar looked around and all he could see
    Was a tiny frog sitting on the ground
    Oh my dear little froggie, did you speak to me
    Was it you who spoke when I heard that sound

    Oh yes, said the frog, please help me, Vicar
    For I'm not really a frog, you see
    I'm a choirboy really, but a wicked fairy
    Cast a nasty spell on me
    And the only way that I can be saved
    From that wicked spell, this little frog said
    Is for someone to take me and to put me in a place
    Where a holy man has laid his head

    So the vicar took him home and he put him in his pillow
    And there he lay till the break of day
    And the very next morning - a blessed miracle
    The spell was broken I'm pleased to say
    For there was a choirboy in bed with the vicar
    And I hope you think this all makes sense
    For there, my Lord and members of the jury
    Rests the case for the defence

    (as sung by Noel Murphy)

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