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The Victors

  • (Colin Wilkie)
    When I was young the war was raging,
    I heard the politicians' prattle,
    I ignored my father's warning,
    Longed to join the glorious battle.

    War was grand and I was young then,
    War was a triumphant story,
    Through the cheering towns and cities,
    We, like victors, marched in glory.

    Oh, to hear the drums a-beating,
    Overhead the banners flying.
    Oh, to hear the cannon roaring
    And to see the foemen dying.

    Kill for peace and kill for freedom,
    Kill because that's what you're paid for,
    Kill if winning, kill if losing,
    Killing's what a man is made for.

    Slowly pass the years of fighting,
    More and more young men they're sending
    To lie murdered in the sunlight.
    On and on it's never ending.

    Now I hear the drums a-beating,
    In the mud the banners lying,
    Now I hear the cannon roaring,
    All around my friends are dying.

    Through the cold and heat we battled,
    Victory was all we sighed for.
    Now at last the war is over
    Where's the peace we fought and died for.

    War is like some mighty flower,
    Watered by a mother's crying,
    Coloured with the blood of brothers,
    Scented by the smell of dying.

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [2002] Although the contents of the song have nothing at all to do with the contents of his film, it was inspired by seeing Carl Foreman's magnificent anti-war movie " The Victors " - hence the title!

    I recall that when I first recorded the song for Polydor in the early 60s on Shirley and my first " made in Germany " LP called: " We Travel The Road " it said in the sleevenotes that whilst the lyrics were mine, the tune was a traditional one which I'd learned from guitarist Dave Davies several years previously. Somewhere along the line however ( perhaps because it was printed later in a German songbook where I received credit for being the composer as well as the lyricist ) the origins of the melody have been forgotten.
    (Colin Wilkie, 04.10.2002)

Quelle:  Colin Wilkie

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