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Voices From The Mountains

  • (Ruthie Gorton)

    We'd better listen to the voices from the mountains
    Trying to tell us what we just might need to know
    'Cause the empire's days are numbered if we're counting
    And the people just get stronger blow by blow

    We'd better listen when they talk about strip mining
    They're gonna turn the rolling hills to acid clay
    And if we're preaching all about that silver lining
    We'll be preaching till the hills are stripped away

    We'd better listen to the cries of the dying miners
    We'd better feel the pain of their children and their wives
    We gotta stand and fight together for survival
    And it's bound to mean a change in all our lives

    In explosions or from Black Lung they'll be dying
    And the operator's guilty of this crime
    And the killing won't be stopped by all our crying
    We gotta fight for what we need, let's seize the time

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Guy & Candie Carawan)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1981:] We learned this song about ten years ago from our friend Ruthie Gorton who visited the Appalachian coalfields from California. One reason we still sing it is that people in the mountains really like the song. Strip mining continues to be a serious threat to the farms and community members throughout the mountains. (Notes 'Folk Friends II')

  • [1986:] Written by Ruthie Gorton [...] just when strip mining was beginning to take a real toll on the hills and valleys [of Appalachia]. Though she went back to Los Angeles, the song has stayed on in the region where people love and value their land. (Notes Guy & Candie Carawan, 'The Land Knows You're There')

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