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  • Harvey Andrews

    Volendam, Volendam, take me back to Volendam
    Where the people are so friendly and the streets so full of charm
    Volendam, Volendam, here's my wish for Volendam
    May the skies be always sunny, may the seas be always calm

    Well I drove a long way down until I found a fine hotel
    I'd never been before and yet it seemed I knew it well
    It had the feel of good times, yes it had the feel of smiles
    Saying, Rest your weary head and sleep away the lonely miles

    I was playing in a café on the other side of town
    I wondered what I'd find and if the place would bring me down
    But the people made me welcome there just like a long-lost friend
    And the sun was coming up before we said the night should end

    And a lady from her garden she had brought me one red rose
    Now everywhere you travel, she said, Volendam goes
    So I left there in the morning in the misty wind or rain
    With a red rose for a keepsake and a vow to go again

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