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Walls And Windows

  • (Judy Small / Pat Humphries)

    Do you think of me as enemy, and could you call me friend
    Or will we let our differences destroy us in the end
    The wall that stands between us could be a window too
    When I look into the mirror I see you

    Did you sing your children lullabies to calm their fears at night
    Did you hold them gently till they went to sleep
    Did you plant in them the seeds of hope for new and better lives
    Did you make them promises you couldn't keep

    Do you have sons who fight for peace the way I'm told mine do
    Do they send you photographs from foreign lands
    Do you chill to see the missiles, and do they haunt your dreams
    Do you wonder whose the power, whose the hands

    Oh may we live to see the day when walls of words and fear
    No longer stand between the truth and dreams
    When walls of windows rise into the darkness and we dare
    To look into the mirror and see peace

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1986:] Written in 1985. Pat Humphries and I wrote this song as a homework piece during a week-long songwriting workshop in upstate New York. I'm told that some women from California took it to Moscow and sang it there whilst on a cultural exchange visit. I can think of no more appropriate use for it. (Judy Small Songbook 52)

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