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Waltzing Around In The Nude

  • (Dick McCormack)

    Edna was eighty years old last July
    She's older and greyer, but then so am I
    All of our married life, all of our days
    We've started each morning the very same way

    We go waltzing around in the nude
    The neighbours complain it's crude
    But Edna and me feel misunderstood
    It's not rude, waltzing around in the nude

    The phonograph stands on the living-room floor
    Next to the sofa, across from the door
    We hum all the tunes and we sway with the beat
    With love in our hearts we're so light on our feet

    We go waltzing around in the nude
    Our kids think we're missing a screw or two
    Our kids are prudes, they just can't get used
    To Edna and me waltzing round in the nude

    Time was when we floated like leaves on the breeze
    Pleasing each other we'd do as we pleased
    Still we're two dancing fools, Edna and me
    Though nowadays I'm kind of stiff at the knees

    Still we're waltzing around in the nude
    And I don't know a happier mood
    With what joy I'm imbued and what wonders I've viewed
    Waltzing around in the nude

    When the coffee is hot, when the sun's shining bright
    Sometimes a waltz feels too airy and light
    These are the moments when Edna delights
    Changing the record to something just right

    So we do the polka in the nude
    We love all those fiddles and flutes
    Then we open a few of the beers that we've brewed
    Doing the polka in the nude

    We go spinning around and around
    Till Edna gets dizzy and falls down
    And she giggles, she points and she thinks I'm cute
    Doing the polka in my birthday suit

    So do the polka in the nude
    It works great for us, it will work great for you
    It keeps your heart young and it keeps your love true
    Like Edna and me do the polka in the nude

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

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