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Wars O' Germany

  • (William Motherwell)

    Wae be tae the order that mairched my love awa'
    And wae be tae the cruel cause that gars my tears doon fa'
    And wae be tae those bloody wars in High Germany
    For they hae ta'en my love and left a broken hairt tae me

    'Twas early in the mornin' afore the screech o' day
    The wee wee fifes did loudly shrill while yet the morn was grey
    The bonnie flags were a' unfurled, a gallant sight tae see
    As I gaed there tae see my love embark for Germany

    Lang, lang is the traivel tae the bonnie pier o' Leith
    An' dreich it is tae gang wi' the snaw-drift in your teeth
    And oh, the cauld wind froze the tears that gathered in ma e'e
    As I gaed there tae see my love embark for Germany

    dreich - dreary, sad

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • english [1977:] [The True Lovers] The song may date from the time of the Seven Years' War (which actually lasted nine, from 1754 until 1763), when British soldiers saw a great deal of action in Germany. (Palmer, Soldier 156)

  • german [1984:] Das Klagelied des schottischen Mädchens [vermutlich über] die Schlesischen Kriege, 1740-1763, sammelte Robert Chambers für "The Songs of Scotland Prior To Burns", erschienen 1862. Geschrieben hat es William Motherwell. (Frank, Schottische Lieder und Balladen 74)

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