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The Waters Of Tyne

  • (Trad)

    I cannae get to my love if I would dee
    The waters of Tyne run between him and me
    And here I mun stand with a tear in my e'e
    Baith sighing and sickly my sweetheart to see

    Oh where is the boatman, my bonnie hinny
    Oh where is the boatman - oh bring him to me
    To ferry me o'er the Tyne to my honey
    And I will remember the boatman and thee

    Oh bring me a boatman, I'll gi'e all my money
    And you for your trouble rewarded shall be
    To ferry me o'er the Tyne to my honey
    Or scull him across the rough river to me

    (as sung by The Ian Campbell Folk Group)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1964:] Lucy Broadwood (among others) collected this charming Northumbrian song and published it in her 'English County Songs'. The song's lyrical qualities have endeared it to countless thousands on the folk scene. (Notes 'Presenting The Ian Campbell Folk Group')

  • [1972:] Tony took this to be a Geordie song. The melody refers in fact to the Upper Tyne. (Notes The Spinners, 'Love Is Teasing')

  • [1979:] This exquisite lament was first published in 1793. The tune was taken down almost a century later from an old man at Hexham, Northumberland. (Palmer, Country 143)


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