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We Don't Work For A Living

  • (Edward Lee / James J. Mullan)

    We don't work for a living
    We get along all right without
    We don't toil all day
    Maybe because we're not built that way
    Some people work for love
    And say it's all sunshine and gain
    But if we don't get sunshine without doing work
    We'd rather stay out in the rain

    Give me a nail and a hammer, a picture to hang on the wall
    Give me a good strong step-ladder - you know, I might fall
    Give me a couple of waiters and a barrel of good old ale
    And I bet you we'll hang up that picture if someone else hammers the nail

    I suppose you all think it's quite easy standing here singing these songs
    Last night we only got twelve hours sleep, for us that's not very long
    I'll give my banjo to somebody here, and someone can play my guitar
    There's not many words, there's only three chords -
    And we can go drink at the bar

    (as sung by Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1989:] Rewritten from an old '78 recording. (Iain MacKintosh, pr. comm.)

  • [1991:] A song that Iain learnt from his mother. His mother only knew one verse, so he wrote another. (Intro Hamish Imlach)

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