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  • (Alan Bell)

    It's around and around and around went the big sails
    Turning the shafts and the great wooden wheels.
    Creaking and groaning, the millstones kept turning
    Grinding to flour the good corn from the fields

    In days gone by when the world was much younger
    Man harnessed the wind for to work for mankind
    Seamen built tall ships to sail o'er the ocean.
    Landsmen built windmillsthe corn for to grind

    In Flanders and Spain and the lowlands of Holland
    In the kingdoms of England and Scotland and Wales
    Windmills grew up all along the wild coastline
    Ships of the land with their high canvas sails

    Windmills of old wood all blacked by weather
    Windmills of stone, glaring white in the sun
    Windmills like giants ready for tilting
    Windmills that died in the gales and they're gone

    (as sung by The McCalmans)

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