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With Kitty I'll Go

  • (Trad)

    With Kitty I'll go for a ramble
    Over the mountains wide
    Where the blackbirds nest in the bramble
    In a place where the eagle glides
    All in some lonely valley
    Where the birds in the evening nest
    And me with my prayers would mingle
    With the sun to hurry west

    I'll buy the roughest of raiments
    To last out the life of man
    With my whiskers unkempt and unshaven
    Till he reaches a mile in span
    Like a ? of a grey mountain dweller
    It'll rumple and jingle around
    If I can't find a wife in the heather
    I'll try in the low, low ground

    Repeat 1

    (as sung by Norma Waterson)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1994:] Norma first heard [this] from the great Connemara singer Joe Heaney. He sang it in its usual form which alternates verses in Irish and English - and if the Irish words are as good as the English then they must be fabulous. (Martin Carthy, notes 'Waterson:Carthy')

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