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The Work Of The Irish

  • (Trad / Tony Murphy)

    If it wasn't for the Irish what could we do
    The country would collapse in a week or two
    Auld Britannia would soon be in a stew
    If it wasn't for the work of the Irish

    The Irishman in England enjoys a special role
    Whether working on the buildings or digging down a hole
    For Sir Bob McAlpine would soon be on the dole
    If it wasn't for the work of the Irish

    The motorways were started by digging up the sods
    The Irish tackle anything no matter what the odds
    And who invented Guinness, the nectar of the gods
    Oh it must have been the work of the Irish

    Consider Irish navvies every time you look around
    On all the brand-new buildings erected in the town
    And who the hell would have the strength to tear the old ones down
    If it wasn't for the work of the Irish

    The Irish send us navvies, their nurses and the rest
    Without their help and guidance we'd soon be in a mess
    There's be no priest in England to whom we could confess
    If it wasn't for the work of the Irish

    (as sung by The Spinners)

    Tune: The Wark o' the Weavers

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1990:] Put at its simplest, without the Irish there would have been no industrialisation [in Britain]. They laid the roads and railways, they dug the canals and the dams, they constructed the tenements, factories and mills, they mined the coal and iron ore, they laboured in shipyard and dock, they wove, spun, and bleached and dyed the textiles. (Damer, Glasgow 52)

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